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Thank you for your interest


We are currently putting a hold on the custom and event side of BUC throughout 2021 and into 2022. While we love creating unique and beautiful creations, we are taking this time to work on some other fun stuff.

Flash Sales

are on hold


We appreciate the love you have for our goods and want to be able to offer more. We decided to take the summer to address our production. 

Mix & Match, Packs, and more will be back... We promise!

Summer of



Our Flash Sales may be on a hold for the summer. But, we're looking to give away some yummy goodies throughout the summer! Fill out our form to enter our giveaway and follow us on Instagram for other chances to win.

Our signature thin and chewy cookies


What once started as a potluck item, quickly became our number one seller. Jokingly nicknamed The Gone in 60 Second Cookie , these bite-sized goodies always go quick.  Try them at your own risk :)

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